A toolbox for a successful fundraiser!

The HMR Foundation provides you with tips and tricks that will maximize the success of your initiative.


Check out the various supports offered by the HMR Foundation and adapt relevant tips to your fundraiser.

  • Need advice on fundraising? Our guide is here for you: Fundraising Guide.

  • Eager to dive into organizing a charity event? You'll find very useful information here: Organizer's Guide.

  • Feeling uninspired? Use our email and solicitation message templates in the Participant Center.

Psst, don't forget to add a personal touch to your page, it can't be emphasized enough! Add a photo to your page and share your story, touch the hearts of your donors.


  • Seek support from your family, friends, colleagues, and even your favorite merchants!Invite them to join your team to raise funds, volunteer to help organize your event, and of course, to donate according to their means.

  • Don't underestimate your social networks! They are valuable allies to reach and exceed your goals. Adapt your message to each platform, vary your posts: text, photo, and video. And don't forget to mention the HMR Foundation, we'll be happy to share your content.

P.S. Don't hesitate to contact your employer. Commitment to causes is appreciated and could even lead to unexpected donations.