Gather with friends, colleagues, or family members to create an activity that reflects your values, supporting patients and teams at HMR. Our online platform allows you to bring your project to life in just a few clicks! Additionally, donors will automatically receive a donation receipt, saving precious time.


Here, every idea becomes reality.


  • CREATE YOUR FUNDRAISER IN A FEW CLICKS: whether as a team or individually, it's up to you. In just a few minutes, give your idea a boost and launch your online fundraising page.

  • SHINE A LIGHT ON YOUR MOTIVATIONS: grab your keyboard, combine your words with images, and enlighten your future donors about your commitment to HMR.

  • SHARE YOUR FUNDRAISER WITH YOUR NETWORK: use your social networks, sports activities, or professional meetings to raise awareness about your cause. Every opportunity is valuable.

Your involvement makes a real difference. Thank you.


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